Future-oriented Technologies and Concepts to Increase Water Availability by Water Reuse and Desalination – WavE

Sufficient supply of water of adequate quality is essential for human physical wellbeing as well as for sustainable regional development and for an intact environment. Excessive use and pollution on the one hand and the still growing water demand on the other hand represent major challenges concerning the availability of water resources. With water stress rising, achieving an increase in water availability through reuse and desalination is not only crucial for classical arid regions but also for densely populated industrial areas.

The funding measure WavE is financed by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) within the focal topic “Sustainable Water Management” as part of the framework programme “Research on Sustainable Development” and the research agenda on Green Economy.

WavE is aiming at developing innovative technologies and management concepts to realize a sustainable increase in water availability. Three topic areas are addressed in the funding measure: (I) water reuse of municipal wastewater, (II) reuse of water in industry, (III) use of saline ground- and surface water. The aim is to provide sustainable solutions for national and international applications.

13 joint research projects with in total more than 80 partners are funded in WavE. In an interdisciplinary cooperation of research and practice, i.e. water supply and wastewater disposal companies and water users, they are joining forces by using their different expertise and viewpoints to reach the goals of the 13 projects. WavE is complemented by a scientific support action.


SAVE THE DATE: WavE Final Conference on 3rd and 4th December 2019 in Berlin (in German). More details will follow soon.

Fact Sheets: Risk management in water reuse

WavE Status Seminar on 17. and 18.04.2018 presentations, posters and abstract booklet available (in German language)


IWA Water Reuse 2019

RE-WATER Braunschweig

Industrial Water 2018
Frankfurt am Main

11th ICARD - International Mine Water Association (IMWA) 2018 Annual Conference
Pretoria, Südafrika

Presentation of the WavE project WaterMiner - Spatial-temporal adjusted Recirculation and Reutilization of mining impacted waters, exemplary for an urban affected mining area

Singapore International Water Week

Presentation of the WavE project "WaReIp - Water Reuse in Industrial Parcs"

iWaresa 2018: Water Reuse & Salinity Management
Murcia, Spain

IWA Regional Conference

Frankfurt am Main

WavE at the ACHEMA-Kongress on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 in room "CMF Harmonie 2":
10:30-13:00: Industrial Water management - Perspectives in industrial water management
15:00-17:30: WavE projects: Water reuse in industry

IFAT 2018

Shanghai, China

Presentation of the WavE project "WaReIp - Water Reuse in Industrial Parcs"

WavE Status Seminar (in German language)
Frankfurt a.M.

FHDGG 2018: Grundwasser im Umfeld von Bergbau, Energie und urbanen Räumen

26. Tagung der Fachsektion Hydrogeologie e. V. in der DGGV e.V.

Industrietage Wassertechnik

Concepts for sustainable desalination and arsenic removal in Vietnam

WaKap International Workshop

The focus of the workshop lies within the water situation in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and it shall give an overview of our Project and present the results obtained thus far of our pilot tests in the An Giang Province.
The workshop will also comprise an array of different presentations by experts dealing with topics such as arsenic removal, desalinization processes, water recycle technologies and the use of renewable energies for decentralized water treatment. This shall give the attendees mixture between theory and practice showcasing different examples from industry partners and ongoing researches on these topics.

2017 IWA Water Reuse Conference
Long Beach, California

Autaktveranstaltung WavE
Frankfurt a.M.

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