Scientific support action of the BMBF funding measure WavE


The accompanying scientific project TransWavE, carried out by DECHEMA e.V., is a central contact point for all actors involved in the WavE funding measure. In its function, TransWavE aims at providing expert support to the joint projects within WavE , at transdisciplinary networking  (internally and externally) and at supporting the transfer of results into practice (national - European - international).


TransWavE focuses on supporting the successful development, demonstration and implementation of application-oriented solutions in the joint projects. These include
(I) technical challenges (e. g. process combinations, concentrates, monitoring, dynamisation???),
(II) economic requirements (e. g. investment/operating costs, operator concepts, cost and energy savings, substitution and utilization/recovery concepts) and
(III) societal and organisational boundary conditions (e. g. hygienic requirements, socio-cultural requirements for re-use, cooperation, symbiosis/cascade concepts).

With its strategy and focus, TransWavE aims at supporting the implementation and exploitation of results from the joint projects to a greater extent during the lifetime of WavE, based on the coordination and networking of the funding measure.

Focus of the work:

TransWavE's main tasks are as follows:

  • to support the development of innovative, future-oriented solutions for increasing water availability by means of reuse and desalination through aligning the content and networking of the joint projects.
  • to identify and create synergies within the WavE projects,
  • to identify interdisciplinary topics across the projects and to establish them in WavE,
  • to ensure the efficient use of the existing knowledge in WavE, also with regard to application-relevant boundary conditions (e. g. laws, regulations, guidelines, standards)
  • to involve the target groups from business, science, public authorities and decision-makers in the dialogue with the funding measure and the exploitation of its results,
  • to bring together results, products, solutions and recommendations of the projects in WavE as a whole and to communicate them to target groups (national and international) in order to support the exploitation and implementation of the results; and
  • to support the exploitation of the results of the projects, especially their implementation into application, nationally and internationally.

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