Municipal Wastewater

Water Reuse by Utilizing Treated Municipal Wastewater

Nowadays, the role of the reuse of treated municipal wastewater as an alternative resource for water supply is widely recognised. In Europe, it is embedded in European and national strategies. Challenges are in particular the low level of awareness among stakeholders and the public about the potential benefits and the lack of a supportive and coherent frameworks for water reuse, including, for example, uniform hygiene requirements. Therefore, the practice of reusing treated wastewater is not widespread in many EU Member States.

For several years, the use of treated municipal wastewater as an alternative resource for industrial use has been increasing. The majority of the reuse schemes currently in use are in agriculture.

In WavE, 4 projects in the thematic field of "municipal wastewater" are funded:

  • EPoNa

    Upgrading wastewater ponds to generate irrigation water, using the Cuvelai-Etosha basin in Namibia as an example

  • HypoWave

    Use of hydroponic systems for resource efficient water reuse in agriculture

  • MULTI-ReUse

    Modular treatment and monitoring for water reuse

  • TrinkWave

    Development of a non-membrane based innovative treatment approach including comprehensive assessment criteria for indirect potable reuse in urban water cycles


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